fine art

Carol_and_eve_ketubah_1987As the daughter of a painter, I began studying art at a young age at the Ox-Bow School of Art in Saugatuck, MI and have continued my studies at Brandeis University; the Evanston Art Center in Evanston, IL; and the Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven, CT. I work in various mediums including ceramics, glass, print making, photography, and paper collage. Drawing inspiration from discarded ephemera of modern culture, my work comments on human behavior and cultural universals and plays with the movement of color and light in relation to natural textures.

Above: Starting young. Helping my mother, artist Carol Neiger, illustrate a ketubah. September 1987.



Playing with light and color. 2007-2013. Scenes in Asheville, NC – Chicago, IL – Minneapolis, MN – O’ahu, HI – San Francisco, CA – Near Ashdod, Israel.
All images © Eve Neiger, 2014.


Iconography series, 2009:
Completed for a Senior Sculpture Seminar at Brandeis University, this series was inspired by elements of iconography found in religious icons and worship scenes. Themes include the female face, hands, eyes, gold, and other religious symbols found repeated throughout renaissance and medieval artwork and altarpieces. The medium for this series was paper, namely recycled publications such as magazines and books.

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